July 30-31, Byron Bay

Byron Theatre

Join inspirational speaker & mentor, Marcus Pearce, for an EXCEPTIONAL weekend in beautiful Byron Bay.

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This is a weekend just for YOU. A weekend for you to create your Exceptional Life Blueprint without the distraction of dishes, laundry, phone calls, school drop off, deadlines, chores and other day-to-day duties.

This is a weekend to TRANSFORM from Mediocre to Magnificent on every single level of your life.

This is a weekend to create lifelong friendships with incredible people from all over the world.

This is a weekend you wish would continue forever.

This is ELB Live.

And … it’s in Byron Bay, arguably the most picturesque and healing town in all of Australia. Incredible scenery, beautiful wildlife, pristine beaches, a gastronomic delight, and simply a place where big dreams and life-changing thoughts come to play.

What people are saying about ELB Live

Thank you Marcus Pearce for building a tribe of truly exceptional beings, thank you old and new friends for your insight, love and support, thank you Byron Bay for your beauty. This has been a trip I will never forget. I am grateful for the beauty and strength I have in my life. I will do amazing things and have an exceptional life. Leanne Anders

I spent the morning walking along the beach, listening to podcasts and catching up with family. Like many of us who attended the ELB live event over the weekend, I’ve realised that there are certain elements to the “strange looking triangle with a circle around it” that are either missing from my life or need to be refined in order to live a truly exceptional life. Thank you for opening my eyes to this Marcus Pearce … it’s time to get to work so that I can make the rest of my life, the best of my life! Audra Starkey

I am a motivated person, I was fully aware that I needed to step it up a notch to be the best that I can be, and to achieve what I want to achieve in life. So thank you for bringing that accountability. It was wonderful to meet up with with all of the Exceptionals and creating lasting memories. You are all a WONDERFUL group of people! This was Audra, Collette, Sandra and I at breakfast on Sunday! We laughed and laughed and laughed. Laughter is the best medicine! Hugs to all xx Michelle Maher

Schedule of events

Saturday July 30, 9am – 6pm

“Do What You Love & Love What You Do”

Get out of the rat race or a job that “pays the bills”. Get clear on exactly WHAT you were born to DO with your life AND who you were born to BE. Overcome the fear of LIVING your Life Purpose each day and leave Byron with a plan to live it.

“Movement Is Life. Life Is Movement.”

Uncover an Exceptional WHY and PURPOSE for moving regularly. Learn the consequences you and your loved ones will suffer from NOT moving regularly. Define where you are NOW. Learn the THREE essential movements for a great, long life.

“The Quality Of Your Peer Group Determines The Quality Of Your Life.”

Complete an audit on your peer group and decide what’s required from your peer group in order to bring more to your life.

“Remove Any Obsession Over Food – Be It Emotional Eating Or Over Anal-ysing.”

Assess what impact food is playing in your life and what’s required to take your level of health to the next level. Learn the impact of “everything in moderation” and conversely the impact of living by a label.

Sunday July 31, 9am – 6pm

“Every Communication Is An Expression Of Love.”

Define your values, learn your love language, identify your rules and limiting beliefs and get really clear on what’s required in order to majorly improve the relationships in your life.

“If You’re Not Growing, You’re Dying.”

Define the difference between active and passive learning and put a plan in place to continually improve and apply what you learn. Define what you LOVE to learn and create an exceptional plan to experience it.

“Spend Less Than You Earn & Invest The Difference.”

People are spending 114% of their income and have no idea of their net worth. Get clear on where you are now, how much it costs to run YOU Pty Ltd or YOUR FAMILY Pty Ltd and discover what’s required in order to create exceptional wealth.

“I Have No Room For Pessimism Or Hate.”

Expand your spirit by identify thresholds you have on your beliefs and how they are limiting you and your exceptional life. Learn from some of the most horrific moments in humanity how limitless the soul really is and how to have more acceptance in life.

What’s included when you enrol for Exceptional

Life Blueprint Live in Byron Bay!

2 days of life-transforming work on creating 8 Exceptional Blueprints – one for each area of life (as outlined above) valued at $1497

Bonus activities include –

** An exclusive invitation to Exceptionals only dinner on Saturday night (food not included)

** A group lighthouse walk, taking in the migrating whales and the surfing dolphins

** BONUS ** Wellness Summit 2013 (Gold Coast & Melbourne) Home Study Program valued at $294

** BONUS **Wellness Summit 2014 (Melbourne) Home Study Program valued at $197

** BONUS **Wellness Summit 2015 (Melbourne) Home Study Program valued at $197

Total Value = $2182

Exceptional Life Blueprint LIVE

Byron Theatre, Byron Bay

July 30-31, 2016

Lighthouse Walk Group Shot – ELB Live 2015

Frequently Asked Questions


What time does the ELB live begin?

ELB Live begins at 9am on Saturday July 30 and concludes at 6pm on Sunday July 31. Each day has three breaks – morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea (food not provided).

Will my dietary requirements be looked after?

Absolutely. Whilst food is not provided over the weekend you will be provided with a complete list of healthy and flexible eateries. We will go out for dinner together on Saturday night to a wonderful restaurant that caters to absolutely anyone.

Where is the event held?

The event is held at the iconic Byron Theatre (located within the Byron Community Centre). The Theatre is located at 69 Jonson St, Byron Bay (which is the main road in Byron Bay).

How do I get to Byron Bay?

You have two choices – Gold Coast or Ballina. Both are approx a 40 minute drive from Byron. Personally I prefer Gold Coast airport however it generally depends on the time of your flights and the prices.

Is the event close to shops and accommodation?

Yes! This is one of the biggest reasons for holding ELB Live at this beautiful venue. It is close to EVERYTHING in Byron. Beaches, shops, accommodation, restaurants, the works.

Can I bring my partner or teenage children along?

Absolutely! Almost half of the attendees at our first event in 2015 were partners. Children 16 years of age and older are also encouraged to attend. This is a great event to bring your partner along to if you are determined to work on creating your exceptional life as a team. Or if you are looking to bring the ELB philosophy into the workplace, this weekend is an ideal event to bring colleagues along to.

What is the refund policy?

You have a 3-day cooling off period (100% refund) from the time of your purchase. 75% of your ticket price will be refunded up unto 90 days before the event. 50% of your ticket price will be refunded up unto 60 days before the event. 25% of your ticket price will be refunded up until 30 days before the event and no refund is provided within 29 days of the event.

Is accommodation expensive in Byron Bay?

Not necessarily. Byron has a range of accommodation options and a number of Exceptionals often rent a house or share a room to keep costs down. There is always a flurry of conversation within the Facebook group on this very topic. Either way, you are sure to find good value in Byron.

Upon registration I will send you a list of my favourite accommodation options. If you have any questions simply email me and I will give you my two bobs worth on where to stay.


What is the program of events?

On Saturday we deep dive into Life Purpose, Movement, Social Life & Nutrition. On Sunday we dig into Love & Relationships, Growth, Money & Spirit.

If I have a question that's not here, who do I contact?

Simply send an email to hello@marcuspearce.com.au and one of our team will get back to you within 1 business day.

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A peer group of exceptional souls is gathering to not only take their lives to the next level, but to make some lifelong friends in the process and have a whole lot of fun.

Get ready for an inspiring weekend filled with great people, great food, great weather (hopefully) and unforgettable memories.

Exceptional Life Blueprint LIVE

Byron Theatre, Byron Bay

July 30-31, 2016