Years are flying by. Life isn’t reaching expectations. And, dreams seem to be consistently taking a back seat.

“One Day I’ll …”

Often we are waiting for the right time.

For the perfect conditions. For the ducks to line up in a neat little row. For us to be ‘ready’ for the big leap.

And while we wait, time continues to fly by. As they say, ‘time stops for no (wo)man’.

It’s not necessarily time that we need to stop. It’s us. We need to hit pause. Take a moment. Reconnect to who we really are and what is really important to us: outside of the groundhog day routine of day to day life.

Let’s hit pause for one day.

One Day in Byron Bay

One Day In Byron Bay Begins In















Creating a life free of regret takes much courage. It increases the risk of being misunderstood and alienated. Living your own way can leave you appearing as a failure or fool, or having to tolerate opinions of others based on their own incorrect assumptions. But courage also creates magic – invisible to the eyes of the ordinary.

Courage takes you to places where unexpected doors open, where upper-limits are extinguished, and where the joy of living your own way becomes your constant companion. Courage takes much inner strength, but it is from where the seeds of positive and lasting change sprout.

Perfect for you if you are – Tired of living how others think you should | Hearing a calling for a new direction | Scared of success and being more than you currently are | Yearning to make changes.



Alfred Hitchcock once said “A great script requires three things. A great script, a great script, and a great script.” It’s the same for an exceptional life. If you haven’t written a script for your life, chances are you’re by someone else’s script. Living to please others and meet other people’s expectations of you is a shortcut to resentment, anger and regret. Marcus will help you write the script of your own, cutting through the overwhelm of choice, the struggle with fear and the paralysis of indecision so that you can live with the clarity and ease that is your exceptional life.

Perfect for you if you are – Stuck in your Career or Life Purpose | Relationships | Health | Finances | All of these!




Who you are is a relationship.  The food, thoughts, actions, people and environments that you engage with on a daily basis create a web of nourishment that either supports you in living your best life… or not.

Disconnection is a modern epidemic. It’s at the heart of our struggles with worthiness, imbalance and dis-ease.  More often than not we make choices in isolation, and through the fog of overwhelm and self-loathing, because we’ve lost the connection to our beliefs, our bodies, our environment, our food and our deepest desires.  Reclaiming our wholeness and living with purpose and passion starts with re-establishing the connection.

Perfect for you if you – are overwhelmed about the best way for YOU to stay healthy and vital | Are struggling in your physical body (weight, energy, hormones, etc.) | Have difficulty trusting yourself and your choices | Are tired of riding the health and wellness rollercoaster



Choice is something we all have, at all times. Totally underestimated and often very much overlooked. Mostly, the freedom of choice is taken for granted. Sometimes it’s easier for us to accept the status quo, than to challenge it, or choose a different path. Often we are so wrapped up in our stories, that we can’t even acknowledge that choice exists. Yet, there it is. At all times. A faithful friend that can move us from victim to victor, from failure to success, from fear to love. Whether it’s choosing to start something new, or to walk away from something that doesn’t serve us, we always have choice.

Perfect for you if you are – Feeling like life is happening to you | Afraid of making the wrong decision | Ready to walk away from something | Procrastinating on starting



Bronnie’s work is a gift to the world. Her revelations on living regret free are a continued source of inspiration. They fuel me to stay focused on what truly matters most.

Marie Forleo

This book (The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying) had a profound effect on my life.

Dr Wayne Dyer

Bronnie Ware’s Bloom is a story of transformation, courage, and inspiration. I highly recommend this book to everyone to read, and not only those who are going through challenges.

Anita Moorjani

I have loved and embraced every part of working with Chara! I’ve attended many retreats and programs over the years but I have never felt the support and encouragement that she’s given so generously, so authentically. What she does, comes from such a genuine place, it is felt by others.


Karly can transform how you view a situation in an instant. She’s compelling, hilarious and earth-shakingly real. Her ability to cut through bullshit and tell it like it is makes her a refreshing presence online, on stage and in her writing. The world needs more Karly Nimmo!

Lisa Corduff

Karly has a phenomenal ability to bring home her point with confidence, clarity and gentle thought provoking story telling. She speaks her truth without preaching, asks questions that provoke serious AHA moments, and engages her audience without lecturing.

Maria Doyle

Humurous, insightful, down to earth. Karly delivers with an informative and engaging style and excels at telling the story. You will walk away with no fluff, yet with real and actionable information.

Jason Stevens

Working with Chara was a life changing experience for me. She is an AMAZING woman, and I SO appreciated getting the opportunity to know and learn from her.


Marcus you have helped me take the fear out of changing my life’s purpose.

Melinda Phillips

Thank you Marcus! I am clearer how to work on life purpose. I am less stressed about nutrition. I am much clearer on spirit/soul. I am going away with a belief that I will stop procrastinating and start doing.

Nicole Saunders

Marcus, your event has been an amazing experience to share with my husband (his first personal growth event). I have so much more clarity and action steps that I can implement to start writing my own script on my life. I feel more connection with my husband and feel we can be accountable to each other.”

Liz Sefton

Chara introduced me to Ayurveda and I loved it! She made it simple so that I could focus on the changes going on in my body, mind, and soul. Chara is a graceful leader, motivator, and friend and I look forward to working with her again.




What is One Day In Byron Bay All About?

One Day In Byron Bay is the brand new one-day event hosted by Bronnie Ware, Karly Nimmo, Chara Caruthers & Marcus Pearce. The event is the brainchild of Bronnie Ware, world-renowned author of The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying. Courage, Clarity, Connection & Choice are 4 essential pillars to an extraordinary life yet are sadly missing for many people. This event is designed to uplift you in each of these areas.


What time does One Day In Byron Bay begin?

One Day In Byron Bay begins at 10am and concludes at 5pm. Registration will take place from 9am.There will be three breaks during the day – morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea (food not provided).

An optional experience (subject to ticket availability) is to join us as VIP, which includes an intimate dinner with the speakers the night before, signed copies of books from Bronnie, Karly & Chara, and 1:1 mentoring with Marcus.


Is the event close to shops and accommodation?

Yes! One Day In Byron Bay is being held at The Byron Community Centre (69 Jonson St) which is in the heart of Byron Bay. All the best cafes, restaurants and shops are within a 3 minute walk.

For accommodation you are spoilt for choice in Byron Bay. Any budget can be accommodated, from caravan parks, AirBnB to some of the best hotels in the country. We recommend TripAdvisor & AirBnB to find what suits you best.


Why did we create One Day In Byron Bay?

When it became clear to the four of us that we each had an urge to run an event together, the theme that kept popping up is this: every single person has or had a dream for their life, and so many of them have been put on hold to “one day”. Whether it’s “one day when the kids are older” or “one day when I have more money” or “I’ll do this one day …”, the message was clear to us – we had to schedule in that ONE DAY for people.

One Day In Byron Bay is the day that people have been referring to. If you are one of them, you are the exact person this event has been put on for.


Will my Dietary Requirements be looked after?

Whilst food is not provided, a part of our decision to run One Day In Byron Bay at the Byron Community Centre is its access to food outlets that look after all dietary requirements. If you are not bringing your own food, you will be certainly looked after by the local traders.


Can I bring my Partner or Teenage Child along?

Absolutely! We highly recommend bringing your partner if at all possible. If you have teenage children 16 years or older who are inspired by the messages of the speakers, we highly encourage them to attend.


If I have a question, who do I contact?

Simply send an email to and you will receive a response within 3 business days.


Where is One Day In Byron Bay held?

One Day In Byron Bay is being held at the Byron Community Centre, 69 Jonson St, Byron Bay.

The iconic venue is home to most of the major events in the Byron Shire. From concerts, film screenings, writing festivals and political events, the Byron Community Centre is the perfect venue for One Day In Byron Bay.


What is the refund policy?

Tickets to One Day In Byron Bay are 100% transferrable. We do not offer refunds to the event given the size of the event, however you are welcome to re-sell or gift it to your friends or family. Simply send an email to with the change of name details.


What is the schedule of events?

The order of each speaker is not released in advance as they can change without notice due to a variety of circumstances.

One Day In Byron Bay is broken up with three breaks, which allow you to chat with the speakers, make new friends with your fellow attendees and spend time in Byron Bay!



Speaker. Free Spirit. Author. Mother. Storyteller. Nature Lover. Teacher. Songwriter. Traveller. Gentle Rebel.

Bronnie Ware has been called many things. Above all she is authentic and bravely lives how her heart guides, free of any such labels or expectations.

Bronnie’s calling is to lead by courageous example: a calling she honours with integrity. Having sat by the bedsides of the terminally ill for several years, she knows the pain of dying with regret and, consequently, exercises her power of choice with consciousness on a daily basis.

Her incredible life experience goes well beyond the years with dying people and has taught Bronnie how much we are all alike, rather than different. One of her favourite things is getting people off their computers and back to real-life conversations and experiences.

Bronnie also recognises the enormous importance of honesty and vulnerability, both of which are found in courageous depth through her books and songs.

With a passionate love of keeping life simple and leaving space to breathe, regardless of how we are perceived, Bronnie understands how crucial it is to enjoy the precious gift of time we are given. There is a reason her message has reached millions of people worldwide. She has repeatedly witnessed the anguish and pain of dying regrets and through her own gentle, yet powerful example, Bronnie teaches how to ensure we don’t create those same regrets ourselves.

Bronnie lives in northern New South Wales, Australia, and loves to wake to the songs of the birds.


A journalist by profession, a longevity enthusiast, a former beer-drinking cigarette-smoking workaholic, a vegan, teetotaller, TV producer and thought leader on living an exceptional life. All of these, some current and some past, comprise the varied background of Marcus Pearce – CEO of The Wellness Couch podcast network and founder of the Exceptional Life Blueprint.

Combining almost 20 years across the sports, health, wellness and personal growth industries, Marcus is a one-of-a-kind speaker, MC, trainer and facilitator. He’s worked with the biggest names in Australian showbiz, sport and wellness, whilst interviewing hundreds of exceptional human beings on what it takes to truly make the rest of your life the best of your life. 

Marcus is CEO & Director of The Wellness Couch podcast network, Australia’s #1 health and lifestyle podcast network with lifetime downloads exceeding 5 million since 2012. With over 20 shows and 2000+ podcasts on the network, Marcus is uniquely positioned to provide insight into the health and wellness industry. 

Whilst in the thick of being vegan and raising his first child, Marcus became enamoured with the question “why do some people live a long time and others don’t?” His journalistic instincts kicked in and the results were more than surprising. Starting in 2013, Marcus created the 100 Not Out podcast alongside Dr, Damian Kristof, and in 2014, put his findings into a program and teachable system called the Exceptional Life Blueprint. Today, Marcus shares the principles of an exceptional life through keynote and corporate engagements, live events, online programs, retreats and 1:1 mentoring.

Originally from Melbourne, Marcus lives in Byron Bay with his wife Sarah and three children Maya, Darby & Tommy.


Chara Caruthers is a passionate and outspoken advocate of the power of living your truth. She’s a dedicated teacher and practitioner of the ancient healing science of ayurveda. She’s also a happiness mentor for hyper-busy women who are aging too fast and killing themselves softly every. Single. Day.

Born and raised in Southern California, she fell asleep in her first hatha yoga class more than 20 years ago, and has embraced the process of waking up ever since.

She spent years as a successful corporate engineer living in the fast-paced environments of LA, New York, London and Sydney then chose to step away from it all in order to save herself, find her true voice, and live a more authentic life (with a little help from Ayurveda).

For the last decade she’s travelled, lived, and taught all over the globe. Her passion for yoga and ayurveda has taken her to six continents and a wide variety of beautiful and diverse enviornmens. And each of her vivid and enlightening experiences have infused her life and teachings with the richness, wisdom and soul that she shares with her growing global community.

Chara is thrilled to have shared the power and beauty of ayurveda with hundreds of thousands of yogis. She’s used the global stages of blogs like Huffington Post,, MindBodyGreen, and venues like the Wanderlust Festivals, and FoodMatters TV to share her own quirky-beautiful brand of ancient wisdom and her enduring belief about the key to REAL health and happiness…Know yourself , Love yourself . 


Karly Nimmo is a No. 1 iTunes podcaster, with her two hit shows; Karlosophies and Keeping Good Company. She’s a serial entrepreneur, mad creator, born communicator and killer storyteller with a knack for getting you to look at life from a different perspective.

After her biggest failure (a coworking space in Byron Bay that set her back $100k), Karly took some time to lick her wounds, have a baby, throw a whole bunch of shit at the wall (including around half a dozen more ‘smaller’ failures) and figure out what success really meant, to her.

Eventually, after finding herself hooked up to an ECG having a suspected heart attack, she took a good hard look at what was really important to her. And found it wasn’t all the trimmings. It was really quite simple.

She wanted to slow down. Spend time with family and friends. Do work that she actually gave a shit about. On the work front, she started to let things go. One by one. Until two things were left:

Speak. Write.

And, that’s what you’ll find her doing today.

Her very loyal audience are often heard referring to their ‘MFB’s’ (or Mother-effing Breakthroughs); constantly sharing stories of how something Karly has said, has landed in their head, at exactly the right time. And boom. Breakthrough.

Karly’s vulnerable and honest sharing of her ‘biggest failure yet’ could just be her biggest success yet. Wowing audiences with her humour and humanity – she delves deeper than most are willing to, and moves people in the direction of their dreams.

One Day In Byron Bay Starts In